Today in 1992, The Bodyguard was released. Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston lead in the film, where Houston plays Rachel Marron, a superstar singer who suddenly begins receiving death threats and becomes a victim of stalking by a crazed fan. Eventually, a bomb disguised as a doll explodes in her dressing room, and Rachel’s manager Bill Devaney (played by Bill Cobbs) finally seeks professional protection for the singer. This help comes by way of Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner), a highly sought after professional bodyguard and former Secret Service agent.

At first repelled by one another, a romance eventually blooms, however, there’s an obligation to maintain a sense of professionalism. Despite Farmer’s efforts, the romance strengthens, drama builds, and danger explodes.

The Bodyguard earned $121,945,720 in the U.S, and grossed $410,900,000 worldwide, on a $25 million budget.


The Bodyguard boasts the highest-selling film soundtrack of all time (17 million copies). Actually, much of the film’s success is attributed to Whitney Houston’s place as one of pop’s biggest stars of the time. If not for the plot, people flocked to theaters to see the star perform the popular tunes on the big screen. Houston is featured on over half the songs, including “Run to You“, “Queen Of The Night“, “I Have Nothing“, and of course, the Dolly Parton cover “I Will Always Love You.”

Run to You” and “I Have Nothing“, were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song, while the soundtrack as a whole won 3 Grammy awards, including Album of the Year.


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