Mount Hood National Forest. Cannon Beach. Crater Lake National Park. These are some of the top ranked tourist attractions in Oregon. What you will also find in the Beaver State, is the very last Blockbuster Video store which may become a popular tourist attraction itself! Bend, Oregon hosts the last operational store in the U.S, outlasting the 2 previously remaining locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska.

Though many Americans haven’t seen the inside of a Blockbuster in almost a decade, residents in the Bend, Oregon area can still enjoy the thrill of browsing the aisles trying to snag that perfect movie for movie night, IF it’s in stock! Ah, the memories of hiding coveted titles behind those less sought after, hoping it would be there later. Fighting with siblings over which Mario Kart to rent, or begging your parents to buy you popcorn and candy at the register.

Along with the exciting experience of going out to rent a movie or a game, family oriented activities such as going to roller rinks, bowling alleys, and arcades are also less popular these days. Kids today would much rather stretch across their beds and stream a new movie on their latest portable device. Technology is killing the thrill of going out and doing things, as well as the necessity to do so. Amazon killed Toys ‘R’ Us, and it’s probably a good assumption that pretty soon Uber Eats and the like will do a number on the sit-in restaurant industry. But instead of sitting around awaiting the inevitable death of all things tangibly classic, let’s get out and show our youth the joys of them, maybe even taking a road trip to Bend, Oregon.

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